3 Less Crowded Places in Kyoto

Avoid the crowd, find the perfect Kyoto, and live like a local in the heart of the city

3 Less Crowded Places in Kyoto

1 Avoid the crowd in Kyoto

2 TOJI-hidden away but you will be overwhelmed!

3 CHISAKUIN- beautiful, but quiet.

4 KENNINJI- powerful yet tranquil

5 Accomodation in Kyoto

5.1 Recommendation- try the Kyoto-style Machiya




1 How to avoid the crowd in Kyoto

Kyoto in the summer is very hot and humid as the city is in the middle of a Kyoto basin, surrounded by mountains on all side, blocking the nice breeze…As it gets very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter, the best season is spring and fall.

Aside from this, more more tourists continue to flock to Kyoto.  So, what to do?

To avoid the inevitable crowd, visit the sites FIRST thing in the morning.  This way, you can really enjoy Kyoto.  In order to do so, stay in the heart of the city.  I suggest a renovated Kyoto machiya accomodation.  (More detail below.)

Once the everyone else is awake, then visit the areas lesser known.  There are plenty of treasures hidden away.

The special feeling of enjoying the quiet, serene atmosphere of the UNESCO heritage sites like TOJI or the special treasures of the painted dragons on the ceilings of KENJINJI and the stone garden that are hidden away are there to be discovered, waiting to surprise you!

Here are three such recommendations for you!

2 TOJI- hidden away, but overwhelming and impressive


(UNESCO heritage site, 2 Michelin star, this Temple of the East is impressive, Shingonshu temple entrusted to Kukai monk, with lots of statues (different forms of Buddha, designated national treasures) hidden away in the halls.  Spend some time and feel the weight of history surround you…Outside the highest pagoda in Japan awaits)

TOJI (official English site)

Toji is in the South of Kyoto station, away from the other attractions, so less people and quiet.  Hidden away, but well worth a visit!

3 CHISHAKUIN- Beautiful and Quiet


– large Buddhist temple complex with a beautiful scenic garden, impressive halls and National Treasure hall housing the works of famous painter and his followers, Tohaku Hasegawa from the 16th Century.
http://www.chisan.or.jp/english/  (official English site)

This place is in Higashiyama, surrounded by popular attractions, but tends to be left out of the tour. Very quiet and well worth a visit.

4 KENNINJI-powerful yet tranquil


One of the oldest zen temples, with a beautiful garden, impressive and overwhelming dragon paintings on the ceiling, as well as lots of famous paintings in the temple.  The most famous painting depicts the two gods of the wind and thunder.

http://kenninji.jp/english/index.html (official English site)



5.1 Try the Kyoto`s unique hotel-Machiya

I recommend to reserve your accommodation way in advance in the middle of the best and most popular area, like Higashiyama district, in the Eastern side, where many sites like Kiyomizu temple and Yasaka shrine, are within easy walking distance.  You will be spoilt for dining choices.   Here is my recommendation.


5.2 BONBORI-AN-location, location, location

The pictures are those of BONBORI-AN, ぼんぼり庵.  Bonbori means Japanese lights covered with traditional Japanese paper.  You can search and make reservations  at the below reservation site.

Place to stay: Machiya  (old traditional Japanese housing, renovated to modern standards.  Great way to enjoy Kyoto living. )


Enjoy Kyoto by staying in the heart of Kyoto, with all the moden day luxuries!   Necessities like WIFI, washing machine, kitchen are all there.  Most importantly, your morning and evening stroll will be trully quiet and special, without the crowds!

Enjoy all the picture-perfect scenaries, just a minute away from your door from Bonbori-an.

Any questions or comments?

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3 Less Crowded Places in Kyoto

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