Good base for exploring Tokyo


Yotsuya is conveniently located in the middle of Tokyo. Very easy access to everywhere. Why not base your Tokyo visit here?

(remember the last scene from “Your Name” or “Kimino Nawa”?)

Yotsuya is famous for the cherry blossoms, many lined up from the station to famous Church, Sophia University, Otani Hotel, and so on.  Walk along here to enjoy the beautiful flowers.  (photo taken March 2018)

(Skyscrapers surround Yotsuya)

1    Access to Yotsuya

2   Places to visit in Yotsuya,  for especially families with small children

  • 2.1 Toy Museum

  • 2.2 Fire Museum

  • 2.3  Garden at New Otani Hotel

3 Other places to visit in Yotsuya

  • 3.1 Sainenji-cemetry of a famous Ninja

  • 3.2 Suga Shrine- highlights from the famous animation film, Your Name

4 Places to eat in Yotsuya

  • 4.1  Casual Japanese dining (Uoshin)

  • 4.2 Casual but higher end Japanese dining (Kinoka)

  • 4.3 Ramen for everyone (Hanauta)

  • 4.4 Japanese fruit parfait anyone? (Fukunaga)

5 Accomodation in Yotsuya – how about a budget hotel?


1 Access to Yotsuya

YOTSUYA STATION with access to JR and Metro (4 lines:JR Chuo/JR Sobu/Metro Marunouchi/Metro Nanboku lines)  Very easy to get around Tokyo from Yotsuya station.

Yotsuya Station

Famous for the beautiful cherry blossoms in the spring


2  Places to visit especially for KIDS and FAMILY:


Using a former elementary school, this museum is run by NPO, full of toys from all over the world, but specializing in Japanese traditional toys. Lots of good opportunity to play games as a family. 7 minutes or so from Yotsuya 3-chome station. Or a 15 minutes walk from Yotsuya station.


Adjacent to a working fire station, this museum is operated by the Tokyo Metro Government. Free of charge. Fun for kids, as they can sit on the operating seat of a real helicopter and view the many fire engines from different ages. Historical display of fire fighting in old Tokyo as well.
Right above Yotsuya 3-chome station, or a 10 minutes walk from Yotsuya station.

Official website (only in Japanese):
Article from Japan Times:


free to enjoy! 7 minutes walk from station

With over 400 years of history, this was once the home of a daimyo lord. It is now part of the hotel. It is very relaxing, hard to believe you are in the middle of Tokyo. Definitely worth a stroll in the garden.

Japanese Garden



Source: from the official homepage

3  Other places to visit

3.1  SAINENJI 西念寺
Hidden temple, 5 minutes walk from the station, where Hattori Hanzo is buried. Hanzo is known as a famous Iga NINJA.  See if you can find his grave.


3.2   SUGA SHRINE: 須賀神社

Anime lovers come here to indulge in the world of `Your Name` 君の名は

    1. Please check the `

Japanese Animation

    ` blog for more.


Remember these scenes from the movie?


4.1 UOSHIN 魚真
Very casual Japanese Izakaya, serving fresh fish mainly. Pretty noisy.
Located in the basement of a building facing Shinjuku Street, very easy to find

Make your own sushi roll-temaki sushi

Delicious tempura of anago/eel

Check the gourmet site, Tabelog, for more information.

4.2 KINOKA 季の華
Another Japanese restaurant. Stylish, family friendly with great food at reasonable price. Relaxing atmosphere. Better to reserve.

Enjoy the Japanese sake, lots of choices.

Sashimi is very fresh.

Fried chicken. Very juicy and delicious.


Vegetables in steamed pot, miso flavor.

Last but not least, salmon and roe ochazuke (rice in broth). Must have!

Check the gourmet site, GURUNAVI, for more information.


4.3 HANAUTA: ハナウタRamen shop
Free of chemical/additives, very unique healthy ramen shop. Relaxing atmosphere.

Try the shoyu RAMEN (soy sauce flavor broth) with lots of toppings of your choice.

Pork Donburi is delicious, too.

Home made dumplings-must have!

Check the gourmet site, TABELOG, for more information.


   4.4  Japanese fruit parfait anyone?  Special Dessert for everyone
Tokyo has many fruit shops. Yotsuya`s favorite is FUKUNAGA. 2F above a fruit shop, FUKUNAGA. Very fresh fruit with home made sorbet.

Mango sorbet was the best!   You can really tell they are using very ripe and delicious mangos.

Fruit sandwich is very delicious, too, using a lot of seasonal fruits, fresh cream and delicous Japanese fluffy white bread.

But, their speciality is the seasonal fruit parfait.  So, you have to try that first.  If there is room, then try the others, too!






Source (homepage): https://tsuku2.jp/storeDetail.php?scd=0000000027

How about a budget hotel?
Value for money, not luxurious, but definitely sufficient and comfortable. Especially, if you are going to be busy, looking around TOKYO.

There are several available in Yotsuya.

Any questions or comments?





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