Special French restaurants in Tokyo: Jour de Marche and Monna Lisa

French restaurants worth visiting!

Special French restaurants in Tokyo: Jour de Marche and Monna Lisa

Jour de Marche

Hidden away in Akebonobashi/Yotsuya 3-chome area, this French restaurant is a real surprise!  The chef is female, trained in Lyon, France and her creations (daily full course menu changes and created by the chef) are amazing.  The price is very reasonable starting from Y3800 for a full lunch course.  (other price levels also available).  It is a bit difficult to find and there is no view as it is on the 1F of a building.  However, you will surely enjoy the many dishes, each waiting to surprise you!



Here is the official homepage in Japanese:  http://www.jourdemarche.jp/

Using the English tab, this is the homepage translated automatically into English:  https://pocket-concierge.jp/en/restaurants/243924&utm_source=restaurant_en&utm_medium=jourdemarche_hp&utm_content=&utm_campaign=jourdemarche_hp?

Here is the Tabelog (gourmet site) info: https://tabelog.com/en/tokyo/A1309/A130903/13180585/


Monna Lisa

This restaurant is very famous, as it has won the Michelin star.  The location of the restaurant makes it even more special, as you will be able to enjoy the amazing view of the Imperial Palace and Marunouchi area from the 36th Floor Marunouchi building.  Aside from the view, the cuisine is very delicious as well as beautifully presented.  The plate is designed by the chef as well.   The same Monna Lisa in Ebisu area is the original one and this one is their second branch.

The price for lunch starts from Y3,750 up to Y10,000.  Enjoy!

Here is the English official homepage, with lots of information.


For both restaurants, don`t forget to book your seats in advance!

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