Tokyo Midtown Hibiya

brand new shopping area in the middle of Tokyo

Tokyo Midtown Hibiya

There are many shopping area in Tokyo, but here is a brand new area, redeveloped by Mitsui real estate, one of the three major real estate developer.  Opened in March end 2018.

What makes this one special is the LOCATION!  Right in front of Hibiya park, a few minutes walking distance from Ginza, everyone`s favorite shopping town, and with easy access from many metro and JR stations, it is a good place to walk around for an hour or so and enjoy lunch.

Before, this area had several old buildings, like the old Mitsui bank, which is part of the Mitsui Real Estate developer group.  So, they redeveloped the area, together and voila!  Beautifully done!

With about 60 tenants, making up the B1-7th floor shopping and restaurant areas and Toho cinema complex on the 4th-5th floors, there are lots of things to seen and enjoy.  Above are all office rental spaces.

For more information on specifics of the shopping and restaurants, please check the official site here.

Access is excellent as there is direct link with Hibiya Metro and a few minutes walk from Ginza metro, JR Yurakucho station and so on.

But, if you are staying in the Roppongi area, there is another Midtown Roppongi (older version of this one, but equally nice).  Official site in English is here.


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